Nature and culture blend in an uncontaminated oasis, where the values and traditions of the past have remained intact. For nature lovers, guided by a spirit of discovery, the sites are endless

Monte Granatico is located in Sadali, a picturesque village in the heart of Sardinia where religion, the mystical and pagan culture come together. From Sadali visit breathtaking waterways, nuraghi sites and caves. 


To Visit ...

  • villanovatulo L

    Villanovatulo: A Window facing the Lake

    At the center of the village is the parish church of St. Giuliano, rebuilt in 1663 in Gothic-Aragonese; and just outside of town is the local church of San Sebastiano. Check out the nuragic site, Adoni; and for a relaxing break, visit the lush forest Pantaleo and enjoy the panoramic views.

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    Orroli: Antiquities and Sport

    The historic center has many palaces and houses typical to the area. Of particular interest are the parish church of St. Vincent Martyr and the church of St. Nicholas. Not far from the city center are beautiful lakes and the Mulargia Flumendosa, two blue expanses surrounded by the green of the orrolese countryside - a point of attraction for sport fishing and boating.

  • sadali L

    Sadali: Surrounded by the Water

    Sadali’s historic center is one of the largest and best preserved of all Sardinia. In the heart of the historic center you can visit the waterfall of Saint Valentine; the Old Mill; and the Church dedicated to Saint Valentine, the patron saint of the village. Parts of the town date back to 1200. Not far from the town are the caves Is Janas; and Su Stampu de Turrunu waterfall, a recognized natural monument within a beautiful grove of centennial oaks.

  • laconi L

    Laconi: Archaeology and hospitality

    Of great interest is the Castle Aymerich from the first half of the nineteenth century. It stands in the middle of a scenic park with numerous small waterfalls and notable florae. A must-see is the Museum of the Menhirs Statues located on the ground floor of Laconi’s 19th-century Town Hall. The museum is one of a kind in Italy, as it allows close-up observation of the menhirs, which are difficult to find elsewhere.

  • isili L

    Isili: The "Pure Mount"

    Isili is home to archaeological finds of great and unique interest - there are numerous Domus de Janas (pre-historic chamber tombs) and the beautiful nuragic site Is Paras. The popular feast of St. John the Baptist takes place in June featuring a grand procession of traditional costumes, music and dancing. You can also visit the exceptional museum of copper and textile.

  • seui L

    Seui: History and Culture

    Seui is home to various museums, which include the historic Spanish Prison; an Art Gallery; the Vargiu residence; and Liberty Palace, headquarters of the mining company. Near the village is an important mining complex dating back to 1850. At certain times of the year Seui hosts a number of events, among the most important: Su Prugadoriu.

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